I sat at a table where were rich food and wine in abundance, and obseqious attendance, but sincerity and truth were not; and I went away hungry from inhospitable board.

– Henry David Thoreau said that.

Dignitaries, sheikhs, and other people who symbolize an affluence that leads to bizarre activities have a new place to eat. It’s Dinner in the Sky.

Novelty seems to reign supreme in a world where what you eat is as important as where you eat it. Like most other black tie affairs, the guests arrive at posh locations around the globe. Dinner in the Sky has taken place all over the world, Las Vegas, Tokyo, Budapest, and Dubai to name a few. But instead of entering the dining area through a grand hall they must navigate around a large crane where they are strapped into their seats. This seems like the ultimate in place card setting. They sit in comfortable chairs with a five point harness holding them to something that looks more like race car seats or rollercoaster carts assembled around a grand table. Within minutes they will be hoisted in the air to dine at this extreme dinner party.

Most extreme eating revolves around two main categories; the bizarre and curious quality of what a person can put in their mouth, something like Andrew Zimmern’s show, and the ever-growing sport of competitive eating where the elasticity of the gullet is pushed to the limit. This is a new kind of extreme eating and it is all about location, location, location.

The cuisine is not restricted in any way, however no open flame is permitted because the floating table does not come equipped with a fire escape. But I’m sure the food is nice. It would be ridiculous, and somewhat funny, to take people in the air and serve them sandwiches. The chefs work in the center of the apparatus on electrical equipment to unveil haute cuisine on a silver platter.

Finally there is a poor mans version of fine dining in orbit on a spaceship with someone as bizarre as Richard Branson. Only it isn’t for the poor man, just the poorer than Richard Branson man. But if you can swing it, you might stop looking for someone who can imitate Ferran Adria’s emulsions and hold your next dinner party suspended by a crane. Invite your guests over, hoist them in the air, and show them your roof. Just don’t stand up to make a toast.

For the full effect of the surreal and a few candid guest impressions, take a look at the their Dubai video here. The girl from I Dream of Genie even thinks the food, “really does taste different in the air.”

I bet you just got back from Dubai, where you ate somewhere up real high, well so did I, no wait that’s a lie, I’d never go to Dubai.

– I said that.

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