Kung Fu

If Colonel Sanders and Bruce Lee took each other on, I would think that Bruce would have the upper hand in all things Kung Fu. However, in fast food, the man in the white suit still reigns supreme, even in China. This might be Kung Fu versus Kentucky Fried.

Kung Fu Chopsticks

Kentucky Fried Chicken is epically more popular than Kung Fu Fast Food. Beyond the fascination with all things foreign that happen in countries like China, I wondered what the fascination with KFC is in particular.

Though chicken sandwiches are served in KFC in China, the main focus stays on the chicken. The best I could posit for this is that there is not such a sandwich cuisine here, so pieces of whole chicken work quite well for most palettes.

But when no Western chicken or hamburgers, lovingly referred to as henbaobao, will do, Kung Fu Fast Food steps in. The thought behind it being that it is healthier than the Western counterparts, and not to forget that it is Chinese food, but mostly, it’s fast. The fact that Kung Fu Fast Food exists is small gastronomical evidence for the massive overhaul here that is modernization. But, it’s not like any more evidence of that is necessary.

It’s a preference to collect the quirky ones that point to something like private companies owned in an environment like China that use icons like Bruce Lee to sell fast food to workers that have short lunch breaks.

Kung Fu is a Chinese fast food chain at the end of the day. Without fail, conversations in China will fall to a pointing out of similarities and differences, and validly so, sometimes things are different. What soon follows is talk of copying. China copies things. China copies everything. China copies copies.

Though the fast food concept is copied, the content is not the same.

I ordered a number three, that being what I normally order when given the option to pick off a random number sheet containing preset meals. What follows is steamed rice and beef, though it was primarily beef fat, American ginseng soup, and boiled lettuce. Surprisingly, the lettuce was the winner, slightly sour from vinegar and salty enough to satisfy.

Though Colonel Sanders has a more than fair representation in China, there is one icon that wants into the fast food fight. It’s the dragon himself. I ate there because after all, I would eat what Bruce Lee ate.

For an account of one mans day working in Kung Fu Fast Food, visit Stefan Gates and Cooking in the Danger Zone.

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  • http://everymanscritic.blogspot.com Chinamatt

    I’ve eaten there a few times. Not bad for fast food, and much healthier than KFC and McDonald’s. I still want to buy one of their employee shirts–they have the best fast food uniforms.

  • http://wheneatingawolf.com nick

    They are good uniforms, I’d like to have one myself. If I can get my hands on some I’ll let you know.

  • John

    Do they deliver? And can I have a shirt too?

  • http://wheneatingawolf.com nick

    I’m not sure if they deliver, but I’ll find out. And sure, I can now begin taking orders for Kung Fu Fast Food uniforms, given that they will give them to me in the first place.

  • TAW

    I’ve been in Beijing for over a month now, but I just tried 真功夫 for the first time tonight. Not bad! I didn’t notice the shirts though- I guess I’ll have to go back and take a look.

    Why do you order menu item three? I usually order number one, since I figure it’s the signature dish.

  • http://wheneatingawolf.com nick

    Number one is a good order as well, I just go with number three because it’s an odd number and since it’s not the big mac then it’s usually something like the double cheeseburger. I guess the shirts are good because they have the words kung fu and fast food written on them.

  • ZhongGuoLame

    This is ugly food at all!!! i went there … was sick juste after eating :/

    Its a shame for China and Bruce Lee

    you better try the real chinese food such as HuoGuo:)

  • http://wheneatingawolf.com nick

    To Lame – So far the consensus seems to be that the shirts are the best part of this place. No one was exalting the food.

  • http://www.myrontay.com Myron Tay

    The ginseng soup looks scary but the beef fat looks hella good 😛 Looks kinda looks like japanese beef bowl.

  • http://www.samilux.blogspot.com sam

    cools. great blog :) better then mine haha

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