Seekh Kabob

This might be some of the most satisfying street food I’ve had in a long time. The seekh kebab is commonly served in that unflattering long tube shape due to being on the kebab skewer for cooking. These guys said screw that, we’ll just fry it. That’s why I like these guys. Plus, they were nice enough to give me their recipe.

Islands of meat

The method is fairly simple, add everything to the mince and fry it up. The meat pictured here is goat and mutton in some sort of mixture. If that turns you off, go for beef or lamb. Honestly, it’s fried meat, so it’s all pretty good.

– Recipe –

For the mince:

/ mince, a meat of your choice / onion / chilies / cardamom / flour / egg / garam masala / chili powder / salt and pepper / coriander /
For the sandwich:

/ green chutney / sliced raw onion / fresh mint / Pav, or any small white bun /

Mix all the ingredients together. You’re looking for a pretty classic meat ball ratio, thick, pasty, and sticky. As much as you can, use a mortar and pestle to crush the onion, cardamom, and coriander. You can use a food processor, but actually a mortar and pestle is pretty quick once you get used to it.

For the chutney, a food processor is easier. This isn’t a chutney in a english fruit sense, it’s more like a coriander pesto. So add the leaves, a little salt, chilies, some oil, and process to desired consistency.

When you’re ready, add the kebab ball to the bread and stack. This is one hell of a snack.

The sandwich

The kebabs are found mainly on the streets in the more Muslim parts of town, but an occasional Rajasthani restaurant has them more traditionally in their tube format.

the street

If you see a street that looks like this, follow your nose and the kebabs will be there. Be patient though, because almost all the streets look like this.

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  • Y

    Love that first photo. And am enjoying looking at the rest of your India photos as well. I have yet to visit India, so I’m finding them very interesting and amazing.

  • nick

    Thanks Y. Let me know when you head over there, I spent enough time in Mumbai to know a few things about where to go. It can be an overwhelming city at first.

  • Y

    Oh good! Thank you! I will keep that in mind. Not likely this year though, as I’m way too busy with work. I also desperately want to go to Spain.

  • nick

    Spain would be beautiful as well, you could eat your way across the country, plus Ferran Adria is there.

  • rebel

    They look so crispy….is Der a coat of bread crumbs or something?????plz let me knw