Outside of my house this morning the women gathered to make chilli powder. This is neither a quick or silent process and it took the majority of the day for them to systematically pound everything into a deep red sand. The chilli powder and the days are hot here, 38 degrees and up.

Recipe for Bombay chilli powder

Get dried chillies.

Pound them all day.

Take turns with your friends.


Use the powder to make some sort of ambiguous gravy, preferably chilli flavored.

Call it curry.

Laugh at foreigners.

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  • http://n/a Joseph

    So I want to make the chili powder, too. Gossiping around the pot-o-chili seems like a past time from my other life, the Indian one where I wear pajamas all day and look into the streets with cold, brown eyes and guage what the fuck am I going to do today with the sun poking into my flesh and cows in the street and what’s that….oh, and this crazy penchant for things that my head cannot fathom right now because I, for some reason, cannot connect with this other lifetime. maybe reincarnation doesn’t happen and maybe believing it does something for this lifetime…that’s like the mouth of the river affecting the source. does that happen?

  • nick

    That is exactly what those three women were talking about when they made the chili powder.

  • http://n/a Joseph

    I thought so.