This is the onion ring, fritter, and pancake menage a trois love child. Common in chip shops in England and with chai in Mumbai, which rhymes. Herein there will be no more rhyming, but there will be onion.

Unlike making a breading for the onion ring, produce a batter similar to the one below and fry it up. There is something about this culture that loves snacks and fritters. I have an affinity for this way of eating, much more so than the ambiguous covering of ingredients in gravy. That tends to weigh on me, but pakora is a pleasure, crisp, warm, and satisfying. Serve with chutney.

– Recipe –

/ butter, or ghee / baking soda / flour / onion / chili / coriander / salt and pepper / water / oil /

This is the most basic of pakora recipes I’ve been shown in Mumbai. Additions to the fritter should be considered frequently.

Mix the butter or ghee and baking soda in bowl or blender and whip it until it’s frothy. Add the flour and water to produce something similar to a pancake batter.

Like pancakes, it’s best here to leave the batter a little lumpy. A lightness will occur that is needed in this heavy snack.

Add the chopped onion, chili, coriander, salt and pepper, salt and pepper and mix thoroughly.

Scoop it up, drop it in hot oil, and fry until browned.

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  • John

    Sounds delicious! I intend trying it.

  • nick

    It is delicious, and fried. It may be delicious because it is fried.

  • Su G

    YES YES YES…….oh this was soooooo good, crispy, onions made a touch of sweet, dipped in a garlicky yogurt sauce………Thank you.