Food science is becoming more and more popular. Molecular gastronomy is picking up steam all over the world. New ways to feed people individually and as a whole conicide with every possible term for a way a person eats. And both are nestling into the common lexicon, locavore being the best example. Food is being pushed as uses for fuels and everything else it seems. Here is an ingredient that may end up reigning supreme when Paul Stamet’s patents come to full fruition.

The best ingredients are always a point of contention and how you define them becomes the only basis for determining any top list. Pigs. Many, including myself, hold the pig revered among the animal kingdom because of the multiple uses the animal gives itself up to. There are few, if any, other animals whose whole body can be used for something to eat.

But what about ingredients that aren't animals? Mushrooms. A perfect mushroom is hard to beat when eating it. This is cutting edge science about fungi, a gentle rival to the pig. Though the uses here aren't for eating, the fact that these fungi can do what they do can't be denied.

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