the mango man

The mangoes are so constant that they have become more than common here, but I try to remind myself that throughout the entirety of my life they have not been so, instead being a random treat once in awhile. I eat them all the time, so much that it becomes difficult to figure out what to do with so many of them. I am not complaining in the slightest.

mango forever

They go on and on forever at the moment.

There are so many of them that this is what the surplus turns into. It’s like mango soup, but more appetizing.

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  • http://n/a Joseph

    Breathtaking pictures. The fourth one from the top is one in which you can linger…while away the hours to put off the day’s requirements.

  • nick

    Thanks Joe.

  • AppetiteforChina

    Living amongst mangoes…that’s like my idea of heaven.

  • nick

    Mine too.

  • Dina

    Your photo’s are beautiful! That last photo is actually called ‘Mango Rus’ — it’s a mango puree and is eaten like a dessert.

  • nick

    Thanks so much Dina, the mango puree is delicious as a desert. I had it at the end of an extremely long thali so I couldn’t finish it, but the taste was excellent.

  • Mango Power Girl

    I have the opposite problem – too many ideas of what to do with mangoes and not enough mangoes :) Thanks for posting these…I drool while I get jealous!

  • Hillary

    So many mangoes! I want some! :)

  • nick

    Unfortunately, the picture can not be eaten. I am waiting to be able to do that, then I would share them.

  • Michelle@TastyThailand

    It’s the same here in Thailand. I really thought I would get ‘mangoed-out’ but, in the seven years I’ve lived in Bangkok, I’ve never turned down a good mango.

    Can’t remember what it was like living in a country that didn’t have this many. Don’t think I liked it though.

    And yes, your photos are stunning.