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  • Joseph Valleye

    So dry and then moist. I must eat more to achieve more moisture, but the ratio always stays the same. And then before I know it I have eaten seven. Now I must figure out what to do with the energy and fast before I crash. Quick like a bunny rabbit my dad always said. Bunny rabbits are fast sometimes when they are chased but mostly they just sit and nibble.

  • http://wheneatingawolf.com nick


  • http://www.cookingschools101.com/celebrity-chefs/ Famous Cooks

    I like wafers very much.

    The snaps looks good.

  • http://simmertilldone.com marilyn @ simmer till done

    Thanks for my moment of zen, wafer-style.

  • http://wheneatingawolf.com nick

    Thanks Marilyn and Famous Cooks for the comments, it’s my pleasure.